Dehydrating Celery

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Amazing how tiny celery is once dehydrated!

My Pantry is stocked with many  dehydrated staples like celery, potatoes, and onions. 

So many times you get in the middle of a cooking session and whoops!@#, the celery is limp, the onions are gone or the potatoes growing!

I grab an extra bag of whatever looks good or has a sale price, dehydrate and store in mason jars, this style of preserving can last for years as long as you keep things cool, dark and dry.

Celery and onions don’t need blanching, but potatoes turn a terrible black color if you don’t blanch them first.


  • Cut in a 1/2″ dice
  • Fill dehydrator trays (I use an Excalibur, because of it’s large capacity and thermometer)
  • Set at lowest temp. ( I like to keep temps under 115 to preserve nutrients)
  • Dehydrate for 12-16 hours until Crisp
  • Add to Soups  or saute dry, re-hydrate to add to tuna salad etc or grind into a powder while dry to make seasoning